Attention Seniors

Combat loneliness with these simple tips!

Experts agree that senior loneliness is a chronic issue. Many seniors feel that “empty-nest” syndrome after retirement, and even more so after the loss of a spouse. Prolonged loneliness can lead to isolation, depression, and even desperation. Feeling down on yourself, or relying on others for your happiness is no way to live. You should not blame yourself for not being as mobile as you used to be, or children for not visiting often enough. Instead make the most of your golden years with these simple tips.

Find a Hobby

  • Visit the local library to find books and magazines on thousands of hobbies, such as cooking, golfing, baking, needlework, bird watching, etc. There, you are sure to find ideas for hobbies that meet your interests and abilities.
  • Write your memoir. Start by jotting down everything you can remember from your childhood until present day. Then, organize the memories into groups (childhood, teen years, adulthood, etc.). Next, tell your story, as you remember it. Remember, it’s your life story, it can be told anyway you want it to be.

Join a Group

  • Check the local senior center for events happening all the time.
  • At the local library you can join book discussion groups, knitting and crochet groups and many more all for free.
  • Start going to church. If you have never been before, don’t worry, they always accept new members. It would be a wonderful support system for you.


  • Senior centers, libraries, pre-schools, churches an many other community groups are constantly looking for volunteers. It is a great way to meet new people and feel good about helping others.
  • Try helping out with the grandkids. Perhaps taking the shift from after school until dinner time would be helpful to their parents, and it would give you some quality time (but not too much) with the children.