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Planning Personal Goals for 2024

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Planning personal goals for the new year gives you a sense of direction for how you want the coming months to go.  While you don’t always have to wait for the new year to begin change, it can be helpful to view a new year as a good opportunity for a turning point in your life. 

What’s evening more important, is making sure you set habits that will ultimately drive you toward meeting new goals.  Setting the goal is only on piece of the pie.  The habits you partake in to reach these goals is where the real work comes in. 

Consistency is important for any goal you set this year.  Motivation can and will fade as the year goes on, and it’s possible you may not stick to all your goals from now until December.  It’s a good idea to keep a planner, either digital or physical, where you can schedule things like regular workouts, business planning, or whatever small steps are necessary to reach your big goals.

After each month passes, reflect on it.  What were your high points, and low points?  How did you feel and what can you do to change the negative?  Create the habits necessary to achieve your goals.  In order to follow through to achieve your goals, you have to put in the work.  Where does the work come from?  Your habits!

Annual Lease Re-Examinations

With the new year upon us, the Annual Lease Re-examinations will be fast approaching in February.  In the meantime, if you receive a letter from the Social Security Administration indicating your income for 2024, please bring it to the CCHA office and we will make a copy for your file.  Also, you should receive a letter the first week in January from our office regarding the required information needed to complete your re-examination.  If you do not receive the letter by January 15, 2024, please call our CCHA office immediately.  In addition, please either call or stop by the CCHA office to schedule your appointment.  Please be sure that all applicable forms are completed prior to your appointment.  It is especially important that the “Banking  Verification” form be taken to your banking institution a few weeks prior to your appointment to be completed, as a few local banks have to forward the paperwork to their office headquarters to be completed. As an important reminder, all re-examinations must be completed and forwarded to the Chicago HUD office by February 29, 2024.  Thus, if your re-examination is not completed by this date your Lease will not be renewed.