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March Happenings

What Where When
Board Games/Card Club Mest Manor March 9th @ 6:30pm
BINGO Mest Manor March 11th @ 1:00pm
Tenant Meeting Mest Manor March 13th @ 2:30pm
Pest Control All Units March 15th @ 8:30am
Tenant Meeting Maple Lane March 21st @ 3:00pm
BINGO Mest Manor March 25th @ 1:00pm
Regular Board Meeting Mest Manor March 27th @ 2:00pm
Quarterly Unit Inspections Maple Lane March 28th @ 2:30pm

February Happenings


What Where When
Annual Re-Examinations Mest Manor Throughout Month of February
Board Games/Card Club Mest Manor February 9th @ 6:30pm
BINGO Mest Manor February 11th @ 1:00pm
Regular Board Meeting Mest Manor February 20th @ 2:00pm
BINGO Mest Manor February 25th @ 1:00pm
Simplify Your Life by Cleaning the Clutter Mest Manor February 27th @ 1:00pm

Carroll County Housing Renovation Update

As we enter the second month of 2019, winter has finally arrived and continues to keep us in its grips. Here at the Carroll County Housing Authority, we continue to plan for future renovations. Last summer in the Mest Manor dining room; the east wall was insulated, new drywall installed, along with two new windows and wood frame trim to replace the original 1969 patio doors. This was just the beginning of the 1st floor planned renovation for Mest Manor. With our REAC inspection in September of last year, all capital projects were put on hold. While we still plan on renovating the 1st floor Mest Manor area with new hallway carpet, resident mailboxes, new laundry room entrance and a new dining room floor, we are unable to proceed on these projects due to the Federal Government shutdown. The shutdown has temporarily “frozen” our HUD capital funds that were not released prior to the December 22nd federal government shutdown. We are hopeful that with the government temporarily reopening, the funds will be available soon so that we may begin our Mest Manor renovations, and plan for other capital improvements at Carroll Apartments. Stayed tuned for future exciting updates!