Housing Tenant Responsibility

During the annual lease renewal reviews with each tenant last month, it occurred to me that not all tenants understand the responsibilities of living in Public Housing. Each person, who becomes a tenant in a Public Housing Unit, has responsibilities which the tenant is expected to follow. Examples of these responsibilities are paying your rent on time and providing the housing office with required information, such as monthly paystubs, proof of income, proof of auto insurance, notification of a job change or job termination.

Other responsibilities include:

  • maintaining a clean unit,
  • advising the housing office of needed repairs,
  • being a good neighbor to all other tenants and guests.

Too often we take for granted the opportunities and items we are given. The public housing unit that you live in belongs to the Carroll County Housing Authority. You are just “borrowing” the unit. Therefore, all rules and regulations need to be read, understood, and followed.

The housing authority staff and Board of Directors make up only a part of the Carroll County Housing Authority. You, the tenant, are the most important aspect of why we are all here. Yet as a tenant, you have the responsibility to make your housing authority a place of respect and pride. Make certain you do your part.