Annual Lease Re-Examinations

With the new year upon us, the Annual Lease Re-examinations will be fast approaching in February. In the meantime, if you receive a letter from the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION indicating your income for 2020, please bring it to the CCHA office and we will make a copy for your file. Also, you will receive a letter during the first week in January from our office regarding the required information needed to complete your re-examination. If you do not receive the letter, please call our CCHA office. In addition, please contact our office by January 31st to schedule your re-examination appointment.

Please be sure that all applicable forms are completed PRIOR to your appointment. It is especially important that the “Banking Verification” form be taken to your banking institution a few weeks prior to your appointment to be completed, as a few local banks have to forward the paperwork to their office headquarters, which are in a different state, to be completed. As an important reminder, ALL TENANT RE-EXAMINATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED AND FORWARDED TO THE CHICAGO HUD OFFICE BY FEBRUARY 28, 2020. Consequently, if your annual re-examination is NOT completed by this date your Lease WILL NOT BE RENEWED.