Capital Improvement Projects

With the new school year underway and the smell of fall in the air, the Carroll County Housing Authority continues to make improvements at all of its sites. Here is an update of our current and future projects:

* At Mest Manor, a new tenant intercom system was recently installed to replace the original intercom system that had been non-functional for the past 16 years. The new intercom system allows each tenant to speak to their guest/visitor, as well as, allows the tenant to unlock the mainfront entrance door all without leaving the comforts of their apartment!

* At Carroll Apartments, the installation of high efficient furnaces and tankless water heaters have begun. Every unit will have a new furnace and water heater installed by the end of the year allowing every tenant to have more room in their utility room. The installation of this equipment will help reduce the amount of natural gas usage in each family apartment. Once this project is complete, all of our 90 units at the housing authority will have high efficient furnaces and water heaters.

* The re-sealing and re-striping of all parking lots are being planned for this month. All tenants will be informed when their vehicle will need to be moved from the parking lots so the project can be completed. Please watch for notices in the coming weeks.

*At Mest Manor, purchase of new stoves; renovation of dining room; new laundry room entrance; relocation of mailboxes; installation of new carpet in the main floor hallway; and replacement of the stairwell fire exit doors.

* At Carroll Apartments, reconfiguration of new wider sidewalks.

* In all units, replacement of current kitchen lights with efficient LED ceiling lights.

Look for these and other improvements as Carroll County Housing Authority staff and board members strive to make our housing authority one of the best in the area!