Carroll County Tax-Aide Program

With the New Year comes tax preparation. The Carroll County Tax-Aide program begins on February 12th at the Carroll County Senior Center, in Mt. Carroll, IL. This a free service available to the general public.

To simplify your tax preparation, find a large envelope to hold all of your 2015 tax documentation. This documentation may include the following:
1. W-2 forms, unemployment compensation forms, SSA-1099 or 1099-R forms
2. 1099-INT (bank interest) or December bank statement
3. Cash Income (still considered income)
4. Documentation on health insurance coverage from the marketplace, your employer or the government
5. To itemize deductions bring receipts or canceled checks to prove medical expenses, charitable donations, property taxes and home mortgage interest.
6. 2014 tax return and proof of identity

When you have collected all your tax documents, then it is time to visit your tax preparer. To utilize the Carroll County Tax-Aide Program, please call the Carroll County Senior Center to make an appointment at 815-244-1800 or 866-214-1959. This free service will be available on Monday and Friday mornings, February 12th through April 11th.