CCHA Captial Project Update

As we inch our way to spring and anxiously await the arrival of Groundhog’s Day, the Carroll County housing staff has been working on Phase III of the Carroll Apartments patio/sidewalk project. This year we will be asking contractors to bid on three sections of the Carroll Apartments patio/sidewalks. Our plans detail new front sidewalks and front and back patios at Carroll Apartments units 1-4; new front sidewalks and front patios at units 9-12; new sidewalks and front patios for units 17-18 and 19-20; and new back patios for units 17-18. We are also investigating repositioning the downspouts to prevent heavy rains from washing out the ground by these buildings. We anticipate this project to begin in late spring/early summer of this year. Phase IV will be the final phase of this project and will occur in the summer of 2023. Watch our newsletter for further information as we get closer to the start of this project.