CCHA Clean-up Shredding Week Scheduled

The Carroll County Housing Authority is sponsoring a complimentary Clean-Up & Shredding Week for all of our CCHA residents. Our maintenance staff will pick up, and dispose of any unwanted household items (furniture, TV’s, electrical items, tires, etc.) at no cost to the tenant. In addition, our office accepts any paper materials that tenants would like to have shredded at anytime, however, during this week, our maintenance staff will pick up the items that need shredded. Again, there is no cost to the tenant for this shredding service throughout the year. The date of our event is as follows:

DATE:   Monday, July 17th – Friday, July 21st

Note: Please contact the housing authority office at 815-273-7081 to schedule a time to have your items picked up during the above stated week.