CCHA to Offer New Learning Programs

Carroll County Housing Authority, in cooperation with TBK Bank, will be offering free informational and financial seminars to all housing residents. As part of TBK’s marketing program, they will be offering the following seminars beginning this fall and continuing into the winter months: Scams, Financial Elder Abuse, Financial Literacy classes, and various other educational and informative seminars. These classes will be offered at our Mest Manor and Maple Lane sites. You do not have to be a member of TBK Bank to participate in these programs. These program will also be offered to non-CCHA residents as part of the housing authorities educational outreach program. Continue watching for information on these programs in this newsletter.

With financial transactions becoming more advanced with today’s technologies, it is important for everyone to be familiar with today’s scams and financial crimes that are used on the elderly and those who do not constantly monitor their checking and savings accounts. CCHA looks forward to working with TBK Bank in offering these programs to educate our residents, as well as, the local community.