Fiber Internet Heading to CCHA

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Jo-Carroll Energy/Sand Prairie’s, fast, reliable fiber internet is heading to Wacker Road in Savanna, and will soon be available to our Carroll Apartments, and Maple Lane residents. 

Fiber internet bring speeds far superior than that of DSL, cable, wireless, or satellite. Unlike traditional internet services, fiber provides better reliability, faster speeds, and lower latency. Other benefits of fiber internet services include no monthly/yearly contracts, no data caps, and a top-of-the-line managed wireless router is also included into these packages. A world-class, 100% fiber optic network connection is provided directly to your home which eliminates the bottleneck experience on shared connections. Fiber is future-proof which means its virtually unlimited bandwidth prepares your home for future high-demand technology needs. The fiber packages allow members to stream on multiple devices, work remotely, play online games, remote learning for continuing education, and browse the Internet without disruption.  You can view Sand Prairie internet speeds and pricing of their fiber packages at:

Helping Household Connect – Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)
In addition, Jo-Carroll Energy/Sand Prairie offers a benefit option that can provide assistance to you with your broadband bill. This benefit is a temporary program and could pay for up to $30 a month against your broadband services, until funds are exhausted.

If you are interested, you can sign up at to pick your fiber internet package.  At this time, the installation fee is being waived ($129.95 value).  Billing would not begin until after the service is installed and active at your residence.  For any additional information, please contact Katie Herrig, Broadband Sales Representative, at 815-591-0010.