Spring Cleaning: Minimalist Lifestyle

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Happy Spring! Spring is a time when the world seems to wake up after a long winter slumber.  Flowers start to bloom, the temperatures increase, the days are longer, and everyone seems to have a bit more energy.  Start fresh this spring by clearing out the clutter that has accumulated over winter.

Spring cleaning will be unlike any spring clean you have ever done if you take a minimalist approach.  Think of spring cleaning like a blank canvas or a fresh start; you can take everything out, do a deep clean, and then only place the items you need back into it.  By adopting a minimalist mindset, you can make cleaning much easier for yourself in the future.

By paring down what you own, and putting it back when you are done with it, you can create a harmonious living space.  Spring cleaning is a great way to make sure each part of your home is nice and tidy.  By creating a few of the following habits you can get into a routine of maintaining a clean home:  Make your bed every morning, wash as you cook and wash counters down after meals, pair tasks together such as vacuuming and laundry, and dedicate one (1) hour a week for deep cleaning.

Take advantage of the still cool, but much brighter days, to clear away the dust and clutter of winter, and start fresh in this new season.