Spring Renovation at Mest Manor Building

The Carroll County Housing Authority is in the process of finalizing blueprints for the renovation of the 1st floor Mest Manor building. The Mest Manor Community Room was renovated back in February 2017, and this next renovation is the second phase of making the public area at Mest Manor more useable for all. The upgrades to the building will include: new windows in the dining room; new dining room flooring; dining room wall insulation and dry wall; new wider hallway doorways to both the dining room and recreation room; new carpeting in the 1st floor hallway; new placement of tenant mailboxes on the 1st floor and a new wider doorway to the laundry room. This renovation encompasses the remaining public areas at Mest Manor that have not been upgraded. Renovation work is anticipated to begin in March of this year. The staff and the Board of Commissioners continue to utilize the capital funds provided from HUD to modernize all facilities utilized by tenants and guests. Watch for further developments with this renovation in upcoming newsletters!