CCHA Capital Projects Update

Although school is back in session and the days are getting shorter, the summer heat continues to show its strength and reminds us that we have several more weeks of “summer.”  Because of the heat, our Carroll Apartments sidewalk/patio project has been delayed and we are hoping to begin the project in September.  We will notify all Carroll Apartment residents in advance of the construction start date.

We at the housing authority continue to look at future Capital projects at all of our three sites in Savanna.  Here is a list of various projects we are budgeting for over the next five years:   

    • Parking lot re-surfacing (all sites)

    • Mest Manor roof (4th floor roof), sidewalk, and refrigerator replacement

    • Maple Lane back patio replacement

    • Carroll Apartments refrigerator and stove replacement, attic insulation, and painting of the outside of the buildings.

These are some of the major projects we are working on over the next six months.  We are grateful for all of our tenants who show pride in their home, and we will continue to update our buildings and equipment as we strive to maintain our facilities.