CCHA Capital Projects Update

The flooring renovations at Mest Manor have been completed. The new mailboxes and rear glass entry door and laundry door will be installed in the next few months at Mest Manor. We have now turned our attention to the patio/drainage project at Carroll Apartments. We are happy to announce that we have accepted the bid from O’Brien Civil Works, Inc. to begin work to install new downspout drainage and new backyard patios at units 9-12 and 13-16. The work is scheduled to begin in September. Please keep your children out of the construction area for their safety and for the safety of the construction workers. After this project is completed we will spend the winter months redesigning the front patios for Carroll Apartments units 13-16 and 21-22. The sidewalk from the Iris Street parking lot will also be part of the 2nd Phase of this project. With these improvements over the next few years, we will have all new sidewalks, front and rear patios and new lighting at Carroll Apartments. This is all part of our improvement projects for our residents.