Community Room Renovation at Mest Manor Site

The Carroll County Housing Authority began renovation of the Community Room in the Mest Manor building on January 23rd. This renovation will enlarge the room, with the addition of a kitchenette to provide our tenants and guests the use of a coffee pot, refrigerator and a sink. A new entrance into the Community Room will be designed from the main hallway, and the current entrance will be closed off to prevent the cold air from entering the room when the front entrance door is opened. The patio doors that look out to Third Street will be replaced with a window that will open to allow fresh air into the room. The exterior walls will be insulated to help keep the room a comfortable temperature year round. New flooring, furniture and other amenities will allow the room to look like a residential living room.

The renovation is scheduled to be completed by March 3rd. Watch for information in our March newsletter for a Grand Opening Celebration!